AWS changes the way we manage and build IT services. Its set of primitives provides the public unlimited virtual resources to managestorage, computation, networking, and security. That was the first big revolution. Everything was not only virtual and payable per usage, it was accessible through APIs without any contracts or time delays.

This has been a revolution for developers, small- to medium-sized businesses, and lately, for the Enterprise. After 10 years, AWS is now focused on changing its approach. EC2, S3, and other primitives are now someone’s managed service. How these services operate and how to configure and manage them is something that Amazon will increasingly handle in the future.

Now, the real focus for AWS is letting companies and developers use more and more abstraction with services oriented to specific application areas, such as machine learning, AI, data collection, and data analysis. Continuous training and retraining are becoming the biggest challenges for SMBs and large enterprises as AWS and other vendors keep creating new products and releases. With large enterprises operating thousands of services on AWS and Microsoft Azure, having strong training programs and the ability to monitor and map skills inside their companies will be a competitive advantage.

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